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    Low noise air compressor
    Direct current does not have brushes the electric motor
    Single-phase asynchronous tubular electric motor
    Automatic volume curtain gate
    Jia xing Minjian Mechanical Factory is located in a waterfront town in south of Jiaxing. It is about 10 kilometers from Jiaxing and close to the shanghai-Hang zhou Expressway and the Zhapu-Jiaxing-Suzhou Exprseeway and the big orientalport-Zhapu Port,Weare, therefore,enjoying the convenient traffic, beautiful circumstance and superior geographical conditions.
Our factory was founded in 1994 and is specialized in all kinds of low-noise air compressors.Our Pruodcts have got quality approval from Zhe jiang Technical Supervise Bureau after inspection made by Zhejiang Ouality& Technical Supervise Research Institute.We got Jiaxing Technical Innovation A ward in 2001 and Zhejiang New Product & New Technology Certificate in May, 2002. Through these years, our products have been sold to European countries, America and Hongkong area and are well received by the international clients.

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